The clinic carries out specialized, polyclinic and hospital medical activity from medical rehabilitation.

The Clinic performs educational and scientific research activities in accordance with the Law.

Within the scope of its activities, the Clinic in particular:

  • Monitors and studies the situation in the field of rehabilitation and proposes measures for improvement;
  • Investigates and reveals the causes and manifestations of the spread of diseases and injuries, as well as the manner and measures of their prevention, suppression, early detection, efficient and quality treatment, rehabilitation and prevention of disability;
  • Examines and applies new methods of prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation;
  • Determines professional medical and doctrinal attitudes and provides expert-methodological assistance in their implementation;
  • Provides education, professional development, specialization of health workers and healthcare associates;
  • Provides health care programs;
  • Establishes and implements measures for natural disasters and other emergencies;
  • Introduces measures to prevent unwanted complications and consequences in the provision of healthcare, as well as measuring general safety during the stay of citizens in the health institution, and ensures continuous control of the implementation of these measures;
  • Organizes and conducts internal supervision of professional work. It examines and implements new methods of prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation;