For admission to the hospital

Admission to the hospital is done on the basis of the waiting list for each stationary department of our institution.

For admission to the hospital it is necessary to prepare:

  • Valid identification document (passport, ID card);
  • The phone numbers of close relatives or friends,
  • Medical documentation,
  • Hygienic accessories, towel,
  • Pyjamas and slippers,
  • All medications that a patient takes as a regular therapy, with accompanying documentation,
  • T-shirt, sneakers …
  • Stationary treatment is charged according to the valid price list of the institution, at the main Treasury Department.

In addition to the bed, you will be provided with a small extra. Since the space for storing things is very small, please take only the necessary things.

DO NOT BRING VALUABLE THINGS (jewellery, bigger sums of money, etc.), WE DO NOT GUARANTEE THEIR SAFETY.