Department “A” (Neurological Department)

In the Rehabilitation Service of Neurological Patients, people with brain and spinal cord injury were treated. Such patients represent the biggest challenge for successful rehabilitation, as they most require multidisciplinary and highly skilled teamwork, which was the setting since the establishment of the Rehabilitation Clinic “Dr Miroslav Zotović”.

The activity of the Rehabilitation Service of Neurological Patients is now defined by the type of patients treated and the obligations arising from the status of the Clinic as top healthcare institutions in the field of rehabilitation. The service is performed: 1. stationary and outpatient rehabilitation of persons with brain damage, 2. functional, clinical and neurophysiological diagnostics, 3. education of staff in the field of neurological rehabilitation, 4. scientific research work.

In accordance with modern concepts, that the department is a place where rehabilitation is carried out throughout the day-to-day activities, in 1998, the building of this Service was reconstructed with the aim of raising patient accommodation to a higher level and that the stationary and premises for specific therapies are placed in a functional the continent under one roof.

The rehabilitation service for neurological patients has 70 beds; 22 beds are located in double apartments and semi-apartments. Construction and equipment at its disposal The Service meets high standards of care and therapy.