Department “B” (Neuro-Orthopedic Department)

Rehabilitation of quadriplegics and paraplegics was the segment of the activity of the Rehabilitation Clinic “Dr Miroslav Zotović” since its founding. With the increase in traffic trauma, the number of such patients is increasing, and in 1970 a special hospital unit for the rehabilitation of quadriplegic and paraplegics was organized within the rehabilitation unit for patients with CNS impairment. Later, in 1996, the current leadership of the Clinic distinguished this group of patients into a separate hospital unit, planned reconstruction of the former department for professional rehabilitation, and formed the Rehabilitation Service for Neuro – Orthopedic Patients. The isolation of patients in the Rehabilitation Service for Neuro – Orthopedic Patients is the result of the introduction of a new concept of work with patients with different types of spinal cord damage.

Patients are admitted to the Service through the outpatient clinic of the Clinic and on the basis of consultative cooperation with the Orthopedic Clinic KCS, the Orthopedic Service of the Emergency Center KCS, the Special Orthopedic and Surgical Hospital “Banjica”, the Neurosurgical Clinics of the VMA and KCS, the Neurological Institute KCS, where they are primarily treated, and later from these institutions patients are directly translated into rehabilitation treatment in this service.

After primary treatment in these healthcare facilities, with early rehabilitation, after about a month, depending on the type of injury or illness, the Service uses the rehabilitation of mobilization, that is, the initiation and activation of all functions that have remained undamaged. Rehabilitation of patients should take three to four months, but due to complications of a variety of types, it is prolonged.

In the Department for Rehabilitation of Neuro-Orthopedic Patients, the popular Department “B”, there are 76 beds in 14 sick rooms, of which 4 are rooms with a higher standard. The beds are intended for intensive care (16 beds), for semi-intensive care (25 beds) and for general care (24 beds). The unit for kinesitherapy has an adequately equipped hall for 25 patients, the unit of work therapy has a hall equipped with a large number of devices and machines for the treatment of 8-10 patients, as well as an electrotherapy unit for the treatment of 5-6 patients.