Department “C” (Rheumatology Department)

The Rehabilitation Service of rheumatologically – orthopaedic patients has 33 beds. In 2001, 252 patients were treated for this treatment, whose treatment lasted for 42 days.

In the Service the following is performed: ambulatory and stationary treatment; rehabilitation and physical treatment of persons suffering from rheumatic – orthopaedic diseases and peripheral vascular diseases; functional clinical diagnostics and assessment of the working capacity of persons suffering from rheumatoid orthopaedic diseases; and professional – educational and scientific – research work.

Work in the Service is carried out by a team, according to modern principles of rehabilitation and treatment, which includes health education and patient education and all-day activity with the aim of improving the function of the locomotor apparatus, shortening the period of functional insufficiency and reducing or eliminating the consequences of the disease and improving the quality of life. After teamwork and functional assessment of patients, short- and long-term goals of rehabilitation and treatment are set, which are conducted team-based, continuous and complex.

Team members monitor contemporary achievements in the field of rehabilitation of patients with rheumatic and orthopaedic diseases and peripheral vascular diseases, and actively participate in national and international expert meetings, profile professional meetings within the framework of education within the Service, Clinic and Medical Faculty of the University of Belgrade.