Department “E” (Traumatology Department)

Since the very establishment of the Center for the Training of Disabled Persons in Belgrade in 1952, among the patients were those who belonged to the group of orthopaedic and traumatology patients. These patients at the station of the largest villa, which was the first rehabilitation facility, were divided into male and female parts. In the early seventies of the 20th century, a special department for these patients was opened in the Center, within the framework of adult rehabilitation. At that time, there were 46 beds in the department.

From 1991-1996. 368 wounded, mostly heavier and immobile were received, and most of them were successfully rehabilitated by the teamwork of experts within this service.

Since June 1995, the Service has returned to the aforementioned pre-war villa without an elevator, where it has 48 beds. In November 2000, the Service received 22 more beds, from a small “C” department, where until then it was part of the vertebrological activity.

For the further development of this Service, the construction of a new facility with about 70 beds and with all accompanying equipment is planned, by merging the current service for the rehabilitation of neurological patients and the rehabilitation service for neuro – orthopaedic patients.

Also, further development of methods and approach to the rehabilitation of orthopaedic – traumatic patients, patient care, prevention and treatment of decubital changes are planned. The centre of attention will continue to be patients with implanted artificial hip joints, tumour prostheses, reinstituted digestive parts of the upper extremities and lower extremities, polytrauma, severe soft tissue damage and peripheral nerves. In the future, special attention will be given to educating young professionals of all profiles, participating in professional meetings, congresses, sections, meetings, etc.