Therapist activity

The therapy is organized within the Clinic as one organizational unit, whose work is coordinated by the main therapist. Departmental therapists cooperate by directing the therapists within the departments and services. Departmental therapists thus have a better insight into the requirements of the department and can achieve more successful contact and cooperation. The main therapist and the departmental therapists form an expert body tasked with organizing the work on therapies: assessing the needs for new staff, adequately deploying therapists for therapies within certain departments, expertly guiding and supervising trainees, encouraging and supervising the professional development of therapists through various individual or group procedures , initiating and conducting work with volunteers, organizing the schedule of faculty and secondary school students who are referred to the Clinic as a teaching base, etc. The positions of the main therapist and the departmental therapists are a subject of re-election. Work therapy, because of its specificity has its own departmental therapist. Each therapy has its own team therapist who is the carrier of professional and methodological work for a particular pathology.