According to the Statute, the managing bodies of the Clinic are:

  • Director,
  • Board of directors,
  • Supervisor Committee.

Managers, by the choice of the director, within the Rehabilitation Clinic “Dr Miroslav Zotović” manage the organizational units.

The Rehabilitation Clinic “Dr Miroslav Zotović” has the following address and telephone number:

  • Belgrade, Sokobanjska 13;
  • Phone 011 / 2062-500, fax: 011 / 2667-623.


VD Director
Primarius Željko Kanjuh, MD, MSc
Phone. 011/2062-504

Assistant Director for Medical Affairs
Primarius Biljana Stojanović, MD, MSc
Phone 011/2062-504

Assistant Director for Legal, General and Technical Affairs
Bachelor in Law Nebojša Lazić

phone 011/2062-561

Assistant Director for Economic and Financial Affairs
Bachelor of Economy Svetlana Dobrilović-Košanin

phone 011/2062-501

Assistant Director for Scientific Research and Educational Activities
Ljubica Konstantinović, MD PhD
phone 011/2062-513

Assistant Director for Internal Audit
Mirjana Ćirić
phone 011/2062-567

Head nurse
Snežana Pavlović
phone 011/2062-602

Head therapist
Anđelka Pjanović
phone 011/2062-555